Wi-Fi Lighting Control

Wi-fi Lighting Control

Imagine the ability to transform the ambience of your home or workplace using your smartphone.See them in a new light every day with millions of colors at your finger tips.

Turn your IOS/Android device into lighting control center for the entire house!

Wifi-104 Lighting Control System:
Wifi-104 is a verstaile RGB color control lighting system. Through Wifi function and mobile devices, you can control various types of RGB LED lighting products through iOS and Android. Press and hold the switch to fade a device or scene. Double tap the switch to turn the device or scene instantly on. Tap the thermostat to change temperature and operation modes. Set any device/scene/program as a favorite for quick access.

It offers many customization options to fit your needs. Change out the background with your own photos for that personal touch or rename the status of devices, scenes, and programs to reflect what ON and OFF mean to you.


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