Architectural & Effect Lighting

your creativity, your vision, your project - backed by our technical services! You visualise to create with light; lighting a building façade, creating an ambience in the lounge room or around home! It could be  accentuating a display or whatever you do imagine. Right? we can make it happen for you - by providing the right…
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Wi-Fi Lighting Control

Wi-fi Lighting Control Imagine the ability to transform the ambience of your home or workplace using your smartphone.See them in a new light every day with millions of colors at your finger tips. Escape the daily grind and set the perfect mood. Experience a different ambience to suit the activity and enhance it. You can even…
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Deck LED Lighting

Deck LED Lighting LED deck lighting adds vibrancy to your outdoor or indoor decking areas. Unlimited number of colour choices are available with RGB deck lights controlled by either a remote device or your smart phone. The most common and easily installed deck lights are round in shape and can be embedded in deck surface.…
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